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>> a special edition of the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> a full hour with some of the biggest stars and bravest heros to enter the no spin zone. stories of courage and honor from american war heros. >> you are killing them. >> i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> bill: and you liked it? >> hollywood super star ben affleck on a new movie about iran that's causing quite a controversy. >> this is really a tribute to the folks in our clandestine services and diplomats and foreign service risking their lives over there. >> plus the strangest moments ever to unfold on the factor. >> i was told you might have snuck across the border. i might have to make a citizens arrest. [ laughter ]
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no. >> it's the factor's most compelling right now. >> bill: i gave you the opportunity to define for millions of people what you want the law to be and you can't. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. we begin tonight with three genuine american war heros. chris kyl and former seal marcus la tremendously. all have remarkable stories to tell us. we begin with sergeant meijer. >> before we get to the book, and what you did and what you were honored for, recently, the u.s. command in afghanistan forbade american and nato troops from patrolling with our afghan allies.
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that is just stunning to me after 11 years in the theater. what do you think about that? >> i couldn't imagine. i was living withvi these guys, these afghans and i trusted them with my life. you know, i was so close to them that i was as close to them as i wasth the marines. >> bill: so and you were out in the forward bases so you had the elite afghan troops with you, right? >> i mean, they are just like a regular platoon. they weren't elite or special reports forces they were regular guys. >> regular guys out with you and you say that you trusted them as much as you trusted americans? >> did i. there was never any time i was worried about them a going against me or anything like that. i'm seeing the s recent, you know, the media here lately. i don't know what's going on. so you don't know why there have been recent and within the past 12 months you were out of the theater when this started. afghan soldiers and police uniformed haveif been killing nato and americans and you don't know why? >> no, i don't know why. i can speculate on this that, you know, we're getting ready
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to leave these guys and they still have to stay there, so, you know, i don't know why. >> bill: for some reason ita think the taliban have been able to infiltrate. >> they feel that the taliban is the power t now. they see we are leaving and within a year, you know, a year or two, then the taliban is still going to be there. the tall will ban will sit back, wait until we leave. >> bill: so you think that some afghan troopsro are being influenced by that? >> i do. >> bill: usually the ones that attack americans are killed righsot away. they have to be pretty devoted to the taliban to give up their lives. they take out two or three nato forces and they themselves are killed. >> look at suicide bombers. >> it would be more than a calculation that maybe i goal over to the taliban. these are people who really want. now, is it so chaotic that any taliban can get a uniform an afghan army uniform? >> they take their gear down to the market and sell it all the time.e. no accountability problem. >> bill: the police also are different from the afghan
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army, right? >> i wouldn't trust the police in any way, shape or form. >> bill: why? know, afghans talking aboukit afghans, you know what i mean the afghan national army didn't like the afghan national police. >> bill: what's the problem there? >> where i was at up north they were always setting up posts and checkpoints. corrupt. they seemed to be more corrupt than the afghan national army was. >> y what do you mean corrupt? taking money shaking down people? >> shaking down peopleou around. flip flopping. i was told you can't buy afghan but you can rent one. >> you think it's pervasive from what you saw. >> i'm speaking on what i seen. >> in the bookde you describe and we want people to read your book into the fire. the fire fight and how intense it was. i'm going to leave the details because i know you don't like to talk about yourself but you are a hero, medal of honor
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winner. was it worth it for you though as a an american soldier? what did you in afghanistan, was that worth it? >> you know, was it worth it? >> you saw a lot of your friends get killed andfr hurt. >> it was worth it because i get to come home and i get to live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. and i know that it's guys like that who went over and sacrificed the men and women still going over and sacrificing for us for me to be ableve to live here and live in a free country. >> do you think most afghans appreciatedcr your sacrifice? you do. >> io was so close to the guys, you know, and they told me, i mean they said they there is good and bad in every group. >> bill: absolutely. >> i had some guys five of them were real close to me and they were sergeants and they said, you know. we're not going to let you die for our country without us dying for it and guess what they allil dyed. >> bill: like vietnam a lot of south vietnamese very loyal to the u.s.a. and appreciated our
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sacrifice there and then there is an element that isn't. you did the best you could and you won the medal of honor. >> bill: so, chief, i read your book, very entertaining. i think my audience will like it. first of all, you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. now, you don't mention his name but everybody knows who that is. number one. that happened? you knocked him out? i knocked him down. >> bill: why would you punch ventura? >> in 2006 was the year that we lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home and lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in core nada. and he was there. he was there for a speaking engagement at a bud ceremony. graduating class. >> because he was a seal, right? >> yes, sir. >> he was a navy seal. he was bad mouthing the war, right? >> bad mouthing the war, bad mouthing bush and bad mouthing america.
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>> bill: and you took exception. >> did i find a problem with it. the family was there. i asked him to please tone it down. we did not want to upset the family members of mikey monday sewer. >> who was killed? >> yes, sir. he earned the medal of honor and jumped on a -- >> bill: he said you deserved. >> he said we all deserved to lose a few guys. >> bill: navy seals. >> i'm assuming. he was saying that to me. >> bill: was he drunk. >> not. i never saw him with a drink in hand at all. >> bill: once he said you deserved to lose a few guys you popped him. >> yes, sir. he fight back. >> he was there he went down and i took off running. >> it did they arrest you. >> no, sir i had a master chief that said punch and run. >> bill: are you going to pop me tonight? >> no.
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>> bill: okay, good. the other thing in the book is that you are credited with 1 auto certified kills which means you as a sniper took out 150 guys and somebody else saw it witnessed it. so, so you areth most lethal sniper in u.s. history. you have the five stars to prove it what struck me in the book though is that you considered the people you were killing, the iraqis you were killing quote, unquote. savages. >> the people i was killing. not just iraqis. why did you consider the enemy savages, from their actions the way they lived day to day as far as the violence they commit on american troops. the beheadings, the rape of innocent villagers and townspeople that they go into. just to intimidate them. they live by putting peer in other people's hearts.
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civilized people don't act that way. >> bill: you were so effective in iraq that they put $25,000 on your head if one of them killed you they would have been paid $20,000. do you believe that they considered you a savage. >> i'm sure they did. honestly i don't know and i really don't care. >> so you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believed that they deserved to die? >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them ifsz i'm committed to making sure every servicemen over there american or allied came home. >> bill: as a sniper your job is to kill them. not wound them, not arrest them. you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper you are killing them i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> you liked that job in the book that comes. you know. your wife didn't want you to do it. she wanted you to stay home. you went back how many times did you go back? four times.
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you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? i mean, it is not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. >> bill: a lot of people coming back from both afghanistan and iraq, a lot of service people, very, very well trained service people have a problem adjusting back here in the united states. did you have a any trouble coming back? >> i did in the beginning. the hardest part for me was getting out. i got cut from everything that i knew. you know, that lifestyle that i had been -- you know, i had been training for since i was a kid. and being around those guys and all of a sudden it's over with, tossed out into the civilian world which is not a bad thing. i mean, it's not that i'm not ignorant. i mean, can i figure things out. but when you go from a pace like that and then it kind of goes from 100 miles per hour to nothing, can you just kind of sit ig.n there with your head spinning trying to figure out, you know, what to do and where to do it.
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so, it's -- it's causing a lot of problems for a lted of guys. >> bill: rate is 41% syndrome of people coming wax from the battlefield. enormous. vietnam as well. they didn't diagnose it as well back then. that's an enormous problem, is it not? >> i think it is. yij ying that the war -- a lot of people probably didn't anticipate that the wars were going to last this long 19, 1920-year-olds kids. setting in there i will say. s thatne of the thing happened to me. i got away from all the people who were telling my i had a problem. if you sit around and listen to people telling you you are messed up. you know, this is what is wrong this, that and the other. that stuff starts to get with you. i completely shifted focus on my end and put my focus into my family and to what i was
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doing today. to kind of help me push through what i was dealing d with. to say thatgoing over it 100%, yeah. but when i have problems i talk to the t guys that i was over there with. maybe they had something that i didn't know.y how they solve their issues and it kind o of works itself out. yeah, i mean, that's a pretty high ratio of over 40%. >> bill: there a a lot of people t suffering. gave good advice. get away from the nay saras. you doing. in with your guys. lo network of support. last question real quick. training with the navy seals. training you effective as possible to the battlefield. do they ever say to you it's going to be over some day and when it's over you are going to have to take certain steps to decompress? >> for the most part after we train up, g we go out and we come back there is a big decompression time. a time for us to come down off the high and turn everything
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back around before they release us into the wild. that's one of the things that's different between our community and a lot of the other conventionalon forces. >> bill: the book is service navy seal -- thank you very much. >> coming up actor ben affleck speaks about how should deal with iran. with iran. deepak chopra and twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligatio. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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2:16 am
a guy you like you though wasn'tonscious at this time why are you making a movie about this. >> great story. one thing it's a killer. actually a comedy with the hollywood satire. complicated cia movie. it's a political movie and it's all true. >> bill: so you wanted to make an entertainment about a serious subject rescuing americans from a dictatorship, iran? >> i did. and the serious aspect of it was that this is really a tribute to the folks in our clandestined services and diplomats in the foreign service risking their lives over there tragically seeing examples of that very recently. folks who are, what they give up to serve us and to serve our country. >> this is a valentine from ben affleck to the intelligence community. the same people who waterboarded the same people who renditioned, liberal friends going to say to you. >> i don't worry too much about what my liberal friends are going to say. to me i made a movie that my friends who are democrats and my friends who are republicans can both watch. that's not a political movie.
2:17 am
>> in the back of your mind you didn't say look i'm glorifying people who maybe did bad things in the name of the country to protect -- >> -- listen, i have been to the cia. these are extraordinary honorable people it at the cia. make no mistake about that. >> bill: all right. that's good to hear. all right, now, iran again influencing presidential election because of the nuke thing. >> well, i'm worried about it in the sense that everybody is. obviously a trouble spot. same regime that is in my movie in 197 with khameneiy. islamist regime. we are still dealing with them. if they got a bomb, i think everybody thinks that would be trouble. i'm just an amateur pundit. but my feeling about it is one has to be judicious. i don't think there is a lot of daylight between. >> what does judicious mean. here is the choice strangle them with sanctions which seems to be working right now because their currency is collapsing right now. >> they are in bad trouble.
2:18 am
>> bill: give go in reaches a certain point and whack them. >> my understanding is netanyahu or israel is not entirely capable of whacking them to the extent they need to be whacked. i wouldn't trust u.s. foreign policy to any other government. i would be judicious in the sense that hyper sen tages of americans don't want to see another war. be quite careful. however we have to have a line beyond which we say that is not acceptable in iran. >> if that line were crossed by iran and they were very close, you wouldn't oppose military action to stop their nuclear program? >> i wouldn't oppose military action, but the question is where the line is. i certainly wouldn't make the line public and i wouldn't be backed into the line. >> bill: all right. the movie is argo. ben affleck, we appreciate it. >> bill: coming up. >> bill: coming up. richard dawkins try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, you may remember atheist richard dawkins is he on a crusade to convince believers they are idiots. who am i to turn down a joust? i debated religion with him and then continue the discussion with dr. deepak chopra. >> now, you wrote this book and this book, you know, is marketed somewhat toward children adolescents, correct? >> and you want them. you want them to not only
2:22 am
believe in science, which i think is a good thing. but reject god and religion. >> no. this is a book about science. it doesn't talk about god. >> it mocks god i looked at it it? >> no it doesn't. which you have looked at. >> bill: i went through that book and you basically are saying that everything can be explained by science. correct? >> well, everything about the natural world can be explained by science. where does it mock god? >> it basically says these things are myths, not true. >> every chapter has myths at the beginning of the chapter. >> bill: hah-ha. >> egyps. >> bill: playing semantic games with me. you are trying to get to the kid and say you are an idiot if you believe with god. >> nothing with god. myths from all over the world. judeo myth is thrown in occasionally as one of many myths from around the world. >> bill: judeo-christian philosophy is not a myth. >> bill: through the history.
2:23 am
so worst regimes have been atheist stick, communists under stalin. >> nothing to do with atheism. >> bill: no, really? see, my hypothesis is that religion is a constraint on society. goodwill toward men, teach treating everybody as jesus taught the same as you. how you would like to be treated. the 10 commandments. there are constraints against bad behavior. >> of which the 10 commandments do you value. >> all of them. >> thou shall not make a graven image. >> thou shall not violate the sabbath. >> thou shall not kill. >> widespread believe. >> not by joseph stalin they all had one thing in common they didn't believe in god. >> in any case it has nothing to do with whether you believe in god or not. >> you don't see religion as constraint on human behavior. evil. who is more evil. >> what i do think logical
2:24 am
connection between believing in god and doing some times doing evil things. >> so what do you say to a guy like dawkins? i had him on twice. and you have never talked to him face to face, right? >> yes, he ambushed me when i was in oxford. he used a subterfuge channel 4 called me wanted to do interview. went into the interview. >> bill: it was him. >> it was him. >> bill: you kicked his butt. >> i did for three hours i kicked his butt. he took three minutes out of that, put it in a movie called enemies of reason answered ambushed some very other respectful subjects. >> bill: i think dawkins is a dishonest guy. >> by the way he uses scientific credentials to cam fallujah his bigotry. >> bill: but i don't know if it's bigotry. he really believes that we're idiots, doctor, he does. he thinks he is a genius. he thinks you and me and the rest of the bleeforts are idiots. now, he basically says that
2:25 am
the united states isn't founded on judeo-christian philosophy, that's just absurd. our justice system is based on the 10 commandments. in fact what hangs in the supreme court? the 10 commandments. they haven't gotten rid of them yet. they are there. >> believer. >> absolutely abraham lincoln read the bible every day. you will never get through a guy like dawkins. one motion with them. don't you find. >>it unscientific way. >> they get really upset. >> to attack somebody you don't believe in with such vigor and enthusiasm and anger. >> i'm not angry dawkins doesn't believe. i don't care what he said. he gets really teed off. what has convinced you that there is a deity? and do you believe in an active god? a god that actually intervenes in human life? >> well, you know, scientific background and the more we understand the nature of the universe through science, the
2:26 am
more we also understand there is more unknown and there is is the unknowable. the unknowable because sign tisk discoveries show that the laws of physics themselves preclude us from intellectually getting in touch with the source. you have to go beyond the intellect. you have to listen to the heart. the heart has reasons that reason doesn't know. and you have to, in a sense, understand the great, the great prophet jesus. whoever, they transcended to a level where they were in touch with the mystery. they used the language of the time. i'm the father of one. >> that's a matter of faith though. do you believe that there is an active deity that interconvenience in human nature interconvenience in the world? >> i think there is an active source an intelligence source that is omnipresent.
2:27 am
omnipotent. omniscient. and that we have connection to that. >> bill: do you believe in miracles? >> we have free will, too. the fact that we live, that we exist is a miracle. why do we have to even go beyond that. >> bill: because the meteorite hit the world and that's what happened. the meteorite did this and then evolution. you know, but, look, the fact comes down to. >> evolution doesn't contradict the fact. >> bill: that's what i say intelligent design does not contradict science and science has never been able to manufacture one single human cell, have they? >> no. >> bill: after all of this advancement. >> most primitive form of intelligence has not been created and whatever has been created comes from intelligence that is connected to the source. >> bill: up next, the most compelling interview of the night. involving a campaign to wipe out the word illegal. wow. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. >> bill: thanks for staying with us, for this special
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edition of the factor? in the unresolved move on posted video with the headline wondrous word we hear all too offensive on fox news. take a listen. >> calling a person illegal takes away their humanity. we can join our voices to ask the media government to drop the i word now. the i word derails more conversation immigration and human rights. >> illegal aliens are in the country including many murders and rapists. >> racially charged, illegally accurate and morally wrong. >> illegal racial epitaph. a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people because of what they're. that's the definition of a hate crime. we can stamp out this. no human being is illegal. i word. >> bill: fine the far left doesn't like the word. who is really looking out for them in the common sense department? recently i spoke about this with monique can a novea
2:31 am
campaigner for the drop the i word movement first of all you are from el salvador. did you come here legally yourself. >> no i didn't actually. >> you are illegal immigrant yourself? >>. no but that's not what i'm here to talk about. >> bill: i understand. we have to define how are in addition to what you believe. did you comen here illegally. >> iev came here as a war refugee. >> from he will el salvador. >> my family all easily got papers. >> bill: have you papers and you were here because of the -- you know i covered the war and actually when you left el salvador in 1982 i was there getting shot at. >> okay. >> bill: i know what you are going through and i'm happy you are here. >> i am happy i am here too. part of the drop the i word legacy is picking up where immigrants started doing immigrant rights work in the 1980s during the sanctuary movement telling their stories and putting humanity on the front burner and making sure that our laws were humane. it's the same thing that we are doing now.
2:32 am
>> with your intent but you are misguided in the sense that you feel that using the word description illegal alien which i do all the time by the way is, somehow wrong. it is a crime to enter the united states illegally. it is a federal crime. woe are a nation much laws. key i do fine the books as they stand. i'm not committing a hate crime by saying illegal aliens are just that. >> we are a nation of laws and we respect laws but we also respect humane laws. also seen in the past that laws thatin weren't humane have been changed. >> bill: then work to change them. don't demonize people who are accurate in the description as using a slur or using a hate word because it's not true. >> it's funny that you say it's inaccurate and all this. i think that we can take a page from foxag news latino who doesn't use the i word at all who has the policy that they will not join the bandwagon of
2:33 am
people dehumanizing immigrants and using this language. >> bill: but i don't think i'm doing that i don't think i'm dehumanizing anybody by describing what the reality is. let me ask you a couple of questions about your belief system. do you believe we should have open borders here that anyonshe who comes to the united states should be able to come? >> i think that what we should be doing right now is looking at the reality and the reality is is. >> bill: now, you know, with all due respect ms. novoa, what you did, what you did. >> they deserve the right. >> bill: what you did just dodge. >> as workers as family members. >> bill: you dodged the question and now you are filibustering. that is two things weon don't allow on this program. i will rephrase the question. do you know in open borders that people should be able to come to the united states any impediment? yes or no? >> i believe that our laws should get modern. i don't think. >> bill: i'm going to put you in charge. i'm putting you ine. charge. you are in charge of modernizing or changing the law. >> um-huh. >> bill: the immigration law would be under your regime? >> i think that the first thing that we need to do,
2:34 am
which is why we are doing the drop the i word campaign is to put human beings at the center. >> bill: that's the law putrs humanth beings at the center of the conversation. >> until we do that. >> bill: i just appointed you you are the czar. tell the people what you want. your the czar. what is the law on immigration under your regime? >> a humane law looks like pattern who is undocumented, an undocumented worker, a worker being able to move about in a way that will allow for themal to provide for their family. >> bill: does everybody get that status? everybody who wants it? you haven't even thought this out, ms. novoa, you have not even thought this out. with all due respect because i here.iate you coming in you come in here with a very hot campaign, allpa right. run by a far left web site, demonizing people like me who are accurately telling the people what's happening, and you don't even know what you want. again, fox news latino agree with us.
2:35 am
maybe you can talk a little bit to him. >> bill: i like fox news latino but i do my own program. >> the i word is racist. it's not language that is accurate. >> bill: i'm not a racist.'m i'm just reporting what is happening. people are coming here and they're not just latino. they are asian, they are russian, they are everyone. and they are coming here and crossing our borders illegally therefore they are illegal aliens. i'm not aa racist. i'm not tryingi' to hurt anybody. i'm trying to tell the people the truth. but i haveru to say i'm very surprised that i gave you the opportunity to gee fine for millions of people what you want the law to be and you can't. >> we're here to talk about the i word today. >> bill: no, no. you are here to talk about what i want to talk about. this is my program. >> while they impact -- while the intention may not be, you know, racist, while people may not be intending to be racist. people are beingte impacted every day in their lives. >> bill: coming up, the strangest moments ever in strangest moments ever in factctctctct
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly personal story segment tonight. it has been on the air 16 years, can you believe it? all that time there have been many memorable moments. we have chosen a few of the strangest for you tonight. some of the most outrageous things that have happened on the program. tonight, it's all wrapped up into one segment and we begin with our old pal michael moore we talked with at the democratic convention way back in 2004 when the iraq war was raging. what did they die for? >> they died to remove a brutal dictator who had killed hundreds of thousands of people. that's what they died for. >> that was not the reason they were given. >> bill: weapons of mass destruction was a mistake it was not a lie. >> brutal dictators in this world. if you sacrifice. let me finish on this. would you sacrifice your child to he remove one of the other 30 brutal dictators on this
2:39 am
planet? >> bill: depends on what the circumstances about. >> you would sacrifice your own child for that. >> bill: i would sacrifice myself not any children to remove the taliban. would you? >> huh-uh. >> would you? that's my next question. would you sacrifice yourself to remove the taliban. >> sacrifice my life to track down the people that killed 3,000 people on our soil, absolutely. >> bill: given refuge by the taliban. >> we didn't go after them, did we. >> bill: we removed the taliban. >> that's why the taliban are still killing our soldiers there. >> bill: moore, you can't kill everybody, come on. >> bill: we say that her positions are radical and they are radical. >> let me tell what you is radical. what's radical is to send more americans to die in this war which is a monumental blunder by a president who swaggered us into it which, by the way, the at least tacet approval of the democratic party there is a lot of sin to go around here. >> bill: what's radical. >> you want to send more people to this war? is that your position?
2:40 am
>> bill: if we cut and run out thereof like you want to do he wield be putting every american in thousand times more jeopardy than they are now. >> we are going to cut and run anyway, bill. >> bill: you are a cut and run guy and i don't want my family in danger -- >> -- you want to stay the course, don't you? >> bill: here is what i want to do. i want to give the iraqis a chance to train their army so they can defeat these people who are trying to turn it into a terrorist state: >> you wouldn't send your children to this war, bill. >> bill: my cousin just enlisted in the army you don't know what the hell you are talking about. >> congratulations. >> bill: is he a patriot don't denigrate his service or i will boot i you right off the set. >> bill: the term white devils, would that be good. >> we are talking about the most mohammed white man is the devil. if you don't believe that trust me, you white folk also do to the real one gets here. >> so white devils we are going to hear that. >> the devil is wicked and he is a master of deception. i say in the words of malcolm x if you find any good white
2:41 am
people kill them first before they turn bad. >> bill: you don't want to kill anybody do you. >> sir i want to do to your people what you delighted in doing to us. i want you to treat you the way you have treated us. you have killed our men and our women and our babies. of course i want to give you the same hell you have given us. >> bill: are you willing to break the law to do that. >> we believe peace in possible, violence in necessary. >> bill: you still went out in july and said everything was great and off that a lot of people bought stock and lost everything they had. >> no. >> bill: yes, oh yes. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. >> bill: don't give me any of that we just heard the words. you didn't say that you? want me to play it again to you. >> you didn't listen to it. >> bill: i listened to every word you said and i have want transcript right here. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. >> bill: you said going forward we are going to be swell. >> no i didn't say swell. >> bill: from -- stop the b.s. here. stop the crap. from august 2007 to august of
2:42 am
2008. >> the problem going on your show. >> bill: 90%. 90%. none of this was your fault. oh. no people lost millions of dollars. it wasn't your fault. come on, you coward. say the truth. >> what do you mean coward? >> bill: you are a coward. you blame everybody else. you are a coward. >> here is the problem with going on your show. you start ranting and the only way to respond is almost to look as boorish as you. here is the fact. i specifically said in the quote you just played that i didn't think it was a good investment. >> bill: there two years. bottom line is the stock drops 90%. any private industry you are out. >> bill: what was your drug of choice? >> alcohol. >> bill: you were drinking a lot. >> well, you know i used to do it because i was bored pretty much. >> did you drink when you were playing a lot. >> oh my god. like a rock star. >> bill: give me a stale scale on 1 to 10, 10 being the biggest party animal where were you. >> i was there in the upper echelon. >> bill: do you regret it?
2:43 am
>> no. i don't regret it at all. >> i think all women quite honestly would prefer marriage by and large to different kind of. >> bill: so she hates you? >> no. she actually worships me. you know me. >> bill: i don't know about that hair. something going on up there. >> you can check it out. >> bill: gene, i'm not going to check it out. i'm going to sit here and interview you. i'm not checking your hair out. >> bill: when we last left you in 1990, you were arrested by the u.s. military. were you tortured by the military. >> no. it was a tv show, man. get a grip on reality. >> bill: what have you been doing alf. >> i have been waiting for the right thing to come along. obviously this isn't it. >> what i got to say to everyone from every political persuasion in the nation is this, scram. get out of here. >> bill: you are a little aggressive. >> there what do you mean? >> bill: you are like in people's faces. >> are you saying i'm in your face right now? >> bill: a little bit. >> are you saying i'm right in your face? >> bill: what country are you
2:44 am
from? you have a funny accent. >> i'm in america. are you telling me that foreign people don't have the same rights? >> bill: i was told you might have nuclear across the border. i might have to make a citizen's arrest. [ laughter ] no! >> bill: still to come, wait until you hear what good times star jimmy walker has to say about late night guy jay leno. then, 50 years later, the beach boys keep going. my rare interview with brian wilson and mike love. moments away. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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2:46 am
2:47 am
>> bill: in the second personal story segment tonight, three of television's most familiar faces recently brought their games to the table. here now, jon stewart, la bar burton and jimmy walker all in the no spin zone. we begin with mr. walker. jay leno, i have been on the program a dozen times. i don't really know jay. respectful to me. nice to me. >> great guy. >> bill: he does a fine program. but you feel that he has changed a bit? >> he has cha he has let us down. weed all started literally in the last same five year period. 30 million people are not out of work. 30 million people are just in between jobs. [ laughter ] you are not drowning, you are just in between land. [ laughter ] >> bill: you came one leno? >> and then jay worked for me
2:48 am
as a writer, along with david letterman and many others. louie anderson and a lot of other people. >> bill: where were you when he was writing for you. >> on our show in los angeles. >> bill: how did leno change. >> he changed in terms of bringing on new talent, which is that spot which is johnny carson, jack parr, steve allen. he has not broken in his 20 something years on the air, he has not broken one major act. >> bill: you know, it's a different time now andaj the ratings pressure i bs so intense. >> jay is numberre one. do whatever he wants. >> bon jovi ride in air force one with the president. that's pretty cool. joe biden, he had to drive up in a van with the guys who sang "who let the dogs out." >> you can tell me 10 minutes a weekho going to destroy your whole career, i'm not buying that all i say to jay leno is do whatin was done for you. that's all. and now jay used to come on every five to six weeks on the letterman show. i got him on the merv griffin show a billion times.
2:49 am
that's what happened. it doesn't hurt you if you bring on the new guy because you want to see somebody knew. when johnny carson was the host. we didn't know johnny carson. high exsoughted vatican leader. when jay leno took over, it was one of us. and wen said okay, our guy is is in. yea! and it would be like bill closinggetting in and the door to james carville. >> bill: you were down in the -- i didn't see you though. you were in tampa. >> we couldn't get on the floor and get press passes. >> bill: they wouldn't let you in because you would mock them. >> i didn't realize that was their objection. >> bill: why should we let this guy in he is going to mock us? >>is the dnc put us up this is true in south carolina. >> bill: you took their money. >> they did not allow us to be -- they wouldn't even put us in a hotel in state. we were set up in south carolina. and the north carolina peoplepl i will tell you i will say, this the nicest people, most
2:50 am
hospitable you want to meet. there is a certain point because you know us coming from new york. where i felt like it was almost sarcastic. >> bill: that they were morning you like being too nice can i get you. are you doing good? i would be do you want a pies of this? >> bill: running screaming into the night. was there anything at all at the democratic convention that impressed you? >> at the democratic convention? >> bill: yes. >> streets did not run red with the blood of protesters. i was impressed that the whole thing didn't disintegrate into anarchy. >> bill: clint eastwood. >> i thought he was great. clint eastwood at 84 could take both of us and throw us over a bridge. he was the best. scripted info commercials. to have a guye get up there. >> bill: he is real. >> he is real and he is doing his own thing. it was a breath of fresh air. >> bill: did you think it was disrespectful to talk to a chair that represented the
2:51 am
president of the united states, your man, the guy that you idolize? >> yes, no. my idol. you are thinking of he elvis. i don't think it'si disrespectful to talk to a chair. these are political conventions. the whole point of these things is they should be called three days of disrespect to the other guy. >> bill: i'm going to submit to you mr. burton that they can compete in the free marketplace like nickelodeon, cartoon channel and other things and do just as well without taking the taxpayer money because we're in an era where we have to bring down the spending. we have to do it. u say? >> and i say you are missing the point. , bill. if you are going to focus on the $414 million, you are missing the point. america has always claimed to be the nation that wants to provide a quality education to all of its citizens. and i'm not saying that pbs is
2:52 am
perfect. and you are quite right. the sesame workshop can take care of itself and we don't need to worry about big bird. he is going to be fine. he is going to be okay. but the underlying issue, bill, is how -- how do we do the job j of educating america's children? >> bill: so you believe that if we pull -- the government pulls the 450 million a year from pbs, that education over the television airways, directed at children is going to crumble and that will hurt kids. >> it's going to suffer. it's going to suffer. there are already plenty of children falling through the cracks, bill. come on, let's get real. we are either going to live up to the promise that this experiment is or going to be a be aam it's the promise america
2:53 am
holds out to all those who live within our boundaries. >> bill: when we come right back, 50 years half a century after their first hit record the legendary beach boys have another best selling song that has never happened in the history of e e e e e i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
2:54 am
[ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel.
2:55 am
. >> bill: welcome back to this edition of the factor. toe , the beach bys 50 years later. recently, i sat down with brian wilson and mike love and talked about their success and how that music magic really happens. >> outside of the beatles, the beach boys have endured the longest, as far as people being emotionally attached to their music. that's why you continue to be successful. ♪ ♪ 50 years on the road you are
2:56 am
97-years-old. he's 97, all right. >> but i look so good. >> bill: it is true, out in california that is what happens. what is the emotional attachment the music has to the american people? >> we try to do in our songs, themes that relate to people. when we started out it was serving, southern california, california girls. it was going to the dance, surfer girl. all these great things that were going on in our lives. i think they were going on in millions of lives. we connected through the themes along with the harmonies and created that feeling. >> bill: that's what it is. people go to see your concert and listen to your records because they are celebrating their own lives. every time a song comes on, a flashback -- when i was a lauer, i was singing slope
2:57 am
john b. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: you nice have connected to the american people when your songs come on, they remember the good times in their lives. >> that's right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: you are going to be 70-years-old, next week. >> yeah. >> bill: you wrote surfer girl my personal favorite. >> when i was 19. >> bill: can you believe you are 70 still singing surfer girl? >> i cannot believe i survived this long but i did and i'm proud of surfer girl. >> bill: why do i like it so much? >> because it is pretty and there's a lot of good harmonies. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:58 am
>> bill: you're a genius, you know that right? >> i've been called a genius. another word for genius is clever. >> bill: no, you write the lyrics and you write the music. love is a semi genius. how do you hear that? i can't write a song. i can write my script and books. do you wake up in the middle of the night and hear good vibrations in your head? >> when i was younger, yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: it just came into your mind the melody? >> right it just popped into my mind. >> bill: a gift from god, is it not? >> yes, it is.
2:59 am
♪ ♪ >> bill: last yes, your brothers dennis and carl, your cousins, your brothers. tremendous talents. when you are on stage now, do they pop into your mind? >> a lot of times, yeah. >> it is an emotional thing, nobody sang "god only knows" more beautifully than carl. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: you guys are part of america, you are part of my life. and you know me man i'm a tough guy. every summer i got the beach boys on my radio. your new stuff is just as good as your old stuff. if you can catch the beach boys in concert, do so. ♪ ♪ ♪

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